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Richard Allan Wagner

Richard Allan Wagner
Richard (Rick) Wagner

Wagner is a 32nd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason and a Frater of the AMORC Rosicrucian Order.

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God and Kings

God and Kings is a sci-fi suspense thriller set in ancient Egypt—based on real people and events. It’s a riveting story of romance, mystery, intrigue, betrayal, plots and murder.

God and Kings

The story’s stunning twists and turns provide a compelling view of the most enigmatic period of the ancient world—dealing with questions that still taunt and mystify the imaginations of people today:

Who were the ancient visitors from the sky called the Anu, and what was the Sacred Portal?

Who was the pharaoh Akhenaten?

What supernatural power did he possess that allowed him to turn two thousand years of Egyptian culture and religion completely upside-down?

What was the spark that fueled his passionate love for his queen Nefertiti?—arguably one of the most beautiful women in history.

Who were the members of the secret society known as the Order of Osiris, and what powerful secret did they protect?

What mystical legacy did Akhenaten pass on to his son Tutankhamun, and what profound impact did such a legacy have on the future of humanity?

God and Kings probes the deepest mysteries of the human condition.

From start to finish, this powerful novel is packed with astonishing surprises and revelations—all leading to a shocking conclusion that will leave the reader spellbound


Read Chapters 8 and 16 online:

Chapter 8 (of 59)

   One eyed Tafas strolled into a riverfront tavern known for its motley assortment of thieves, brigands and assassins.

   “I’m looking for snake charmers, and I have gold to pay,” he pronounced.

   At first, his words appeared to fall on deaf ears. But then a raspy voice from the farthest edge of the room spoke up:

   “My name is Pentu, and my brother is the finest snake charmer in this land. He can deliver whatever you want!”

   The voice belonged to a small elfish looking man with long greasy hair and an equally greasy grin that displayed every crooked tooth in his seedy head.

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Chapter 16 (of 59)

Five Years Later

   The horses shot north up the royal highway at breakneck speed. Thousands of Akhetaten’s thrilled citizens lined the road intently watching as the two chariots whizzed past them.

   It was an exhilarating spectacle—two of Egypt’s finest charioteers, Ay and Ramose, competing feverishly for both pride and a solid gold victory cup to the winner. 

   The race had begun at Akhetaten’s southern suburb of Maru-Aten. The frenzied pace at which the charioteers were traveling had them within two furlongs of the city’s central temple and palace complex and they were fast closing in on the most treacherous part of the course. The road at this point was curved inward, arcing to the left, which meant the chariots had to reduce their speed or risk the likely consequence of crashing into an adjacent building.

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Comments about God and Kings

Wow! A thrilling roller coaster ride with a surprise at every turn! The story’s ending completely got me! More please!
- Andrew Shelby

God and Kings is an exciting romp through the previously undiscovered country of the ancient Egyptian psyche. Hats off to Richard Allan Wagner for delivering a tale that still has me clinging to the walls trying to regain my equilibrium and catch my breath.
- Cassandra McFadden

At last, a story that fills in the blanks and connects all the dots about the mysterious life of the pharaoh Akhenaten. Now I feel like I really know the man. Ditto for Tutankhamun and the whole cast of fascinating characters.
- David Karski

Wagner’s God and Kings is a fast paced mind blowing story that winds up bridging the gap between the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians and the modern Judeo-Christian tradition. Hold on to your seats for an exhilarating adventure. The ending will astound you!
- Mark Bauer

A brilliant study of the broad spectrum of human behavior!
- Sheryl Bernstein

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